About The Cat Ambassador

Our Mission

The Cat Ambassador’s mission is to improve the lives of cats and their people—one at a time. We provide financial assistance, advocacy, and education to protect cats from being neglected, abandoned, surrendered, or euthanized if people don’t have the resources to provide adequate care for their animals.


Detailed Description

Founded in 2013, The Cat Ambassador, Inc., provides assistance to cats . . .and their people.

One of our main objectives is to reduce the number of cats entering an already overburdened shelter system. The Cat Ambassador strongly advocates spay/neuter (may include Trap-Neuter-Return) to prevent pet overpopulation, as well as microchipping to increase the chances that lost cats will be reunited with their owners–instead of entering the shelter system as strays.

The overall goal is to keep cats healthy, happy, and free from harm through assistance, advocacy, and education.



  • Providing financial assistance to pet owners for cat food, litter, veterinary care (including vaccinations and spay/neuter), and microchipping
  • Educating pet owners about feline health issues, and the general public about animal welfare, to help prevent neglect and cruelty
  • Working with cats and their people to resolve “thinking outside the litter box” issues
  • Helping to find lost cats and reunite found cats with their owners
  • Providing assistance with stray/feral cats; may include TNR (trap-neuter-return)
  • Making referrals to rescue groups and animal shelters if a cat must be surrendered due to unavoidable circumstances (a person’s death, ill health, or allergies)
  • Collaborating with local animal shelters and rescue groups to ensure the well-being of as many cats as possible
  • Promoting cats as great pets, and encouraging adoption from shelters and rescue groups